Eden Camp


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On Friday, Class of 2009 went to Eden Camp. A museum dedicated to Military history from 1914 onward. The children began the day by taking part in a memorial service with 4 other schools to remember the lives lost in conflict, where they held a minutes silence and laid Poppy crosses with the members of Bomb Disposal Squadron’s names on.

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The rest of the day was spent exploring the huts that contained lots of interesting information about World War 2 and other conflicts that have effected Britain.We went through huts that looked at how World War two started; rationing, The Blitz (although a few us found this too dark!); what it would be like to be inside a submarine; the Roles of the Home Guard and the Women during WW2; air raid shelters and air raids; evacuation of children and the type of entertainment that people would have had, among lots of other things.

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We had a fantastic day and the weather stayed wonderful as well!